Liberation SPRX

A mod menu to cheat in GTA 5

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Liberation SPRX is a paid (which then became free) mod menu for Grand Theft Auto 5 (BLES01807) on PS3.

Some features :
Main options
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Nerver Wanted
  • Give Weapons
  • No Ragdoll
  • Mobile Radio
  • Invisible
  • Ragdoll (R2 + X)
  • Super Run
  • Super Jump
  • Super Man
  • FPS Cam
  • Ride Yourself
All players
  • Explode lobby
  • Give Weapons
  • Remove Weapons
  • Attach fake money bags to all players
  • The Master (Explodes players aiming at you)
  • Show Talking Players
  • Explode Talking Players
Weapon options
  • Teleport Gun
  • Vehicle Gun (Spawns around 30 vehicles where you shoot)
  • Pig Gun (Spawns pigs)
  • Money Gun (Bags of 40k)
  • Rocket Gun : Gas Leak, Hydrant, Flame, Steam, Small Explosion, Massive Explosion
  • 1 Hit Kill
  • Vehicle Throw Gun (Press L2 to grab nearest vehicle, Press R2 to shoot it)
  • 100% Accuracy
  • Force Gun
  • Big Guns
etc, etc, etc...
Main menu of the modmenu

Some videos made about it